I Need to Change My Eating Habits

This evening I was planning what I’m going to do tomorrow and one of the things was grocery shopping. It made me think what I was eating recently because I didn’t really cook anything. So I made a list and was horrified. McDonalds, microwaveable meals, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits (and not just snacks but as breakfast or even dinner).


I really need to start cooking again and eating healthier. So I spent some time today on Pinterest looking for simple, quick to cook and much healthier meals than what I was eating recently.

A plan for coming week is broccoli soup, creamy chicken and mushrooms soup, chicken breasts with mushroom cream sauce and egg fried rice. It might look little but as I cook just for myself, I usually make one meal as 2 or 3 portions and I get lunch at work.

By the way whenever I learn a new recipe I usually tweak it to my liking. As I am planning to cook more, I will be sharing some of the recipes like I did about crepes. If it’s something you would be interested, please like this post and leave a comment below what kind of recipes you are interested in the most.

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DIY DSLR Camera Case


I started carrying my camera in a backpack quite often and I was worried that it was completely unprotected. So I made a little soft case from felt and thought it might be useful for someone else too.

The pattern I made is for Nikon D5300 and it should fit for similar size cameras and even a little bit bigger ones. Otherwise feel free to adjust pattern measurements to fit your camera.


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Dream Jar Trail Completed And First Youtube Video

Hello Everyone,

Last month I showed you some pictures the BFG Dream Jar trail which I was doing. I completed my trail and found 45 jars. There 50 in total but I’m not doing 4 of them because they are located outside London and each of them would require at least one day trip. And one of the jars in London is removed from trail for repairs

And while looking for jars I made my first video on Youtube 😊 Check it out

If you live or were visiting London, have you done this trail? Do you like going on such fun small adventures?

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Quote of the Month

As I mentioned in one of my posts last month I love quotes. They are not really nice to read but they are a good reminder why I’m doing certain things in my life.

I always wanted to improve my handwriting and also learn handlettering. I finally started working on it last month and I thought that I could handwrite or handletter a quote as a practice and at the same time share my favourite ones with you.

Sometimes I need a reminder that I have courage to go and do things – they don’t just simply happen.

Do you have any quotes you like?

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Planning a Trip – Bucket List


Next month I’m going to Seoul, South Korea. I can’t wait for this trip and at the moment I am doing some research and planning.  I will be there for 4 full days and one evening. I don’t want to rush around and make myself stressed on this trip so even if I am making plans they are very flexible.

And I made a little bucket list of what I want to see and to do.

  • Visit Changdeokgung palace
  • Visit N Seoul Tower
  • Go to see Cheong-gye-cheon
  • Go to see Seoul City Hall
  • Go to see Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain
  • Wander around Myeong-dong
  • Wander around Hongdae
  • Wander around Gangnam
  • Buy some cute stationary
  • Try different local foods (no McDonalds!!!)
  • Do some craft shopping
  • Find and try different fancy ice cream
  • Visit cat cafe
  • Try speaking Korean (even if it is just ordering food or saying thank you)
  • Have at least 10 photos of myself (I travel alone and usually have none)
  • Visit BIGBANG A to Z exhibition (got ticket already 🙂 )

Have you been to Seoul? Do you have any suggestions what I could add on this list?

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Birchbox August

Hello Everyone,

It’s this time of the month again – Birchbox is here 🙂 Well, this month it’s a bag and not a box. I love how pretty and re-usable are the boxes but I like that it’s a bag this time.


First item from the bag is anatomicals the buff stuff citrus body scrub. I never tried this brand before but I will be trying it really soon. I nearly finished my scrub from Body Shop so once it’s all used I’ll give this one a go. So far I really like the packaging design and that it’s a citrus one. I don’t like sweetly scented things.


I received my little package yesterday morning just before having a shower. Then I saw amie Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser I had to try it same day. I have oily skin and most of moisturisers feel quite greasy on my skin even when they are supposed to be used on oily skin. I can already say that I like this one because my skin absorbed it so quickly and easily and my skin doesn’t feel greasy at all 🙂


Another great product I found in the bag was Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo. So far I’ve been using Batiste one and I really like it but why not try something new 🙂 I’ll be trying this tomorrow morning as I’m working until late this evening and then I have morning shift.


Next product from the bag wasn’t very exciting thing for me. It’s Merci Handy Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel. I never use these kind of antibacterial things because I just hate how they always smell and I’d rather wash my hands than use this. I’ll probably take it with me on the plane while travelling in September.


This one was so hard to take a photo – it just kept rolling away. Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner and mine is in shade Expresso. I don’t use much eye make-up but why not to start using more when I have a product already 🙂


Last but not least is English Laundry Notting Hill Eau de Parfum. It’s really nice to receive such a sample but I will not be using it. Any spray-able perfumed products (perfume, deodorants, air fresheners, etc.) make me feel like I cannot breathe or make me start sneezing non-stop.


I really like my August Birchbag and I can’t wait to try them out 🙂

If you want to have some fun trying new products, you can subscribe here and join me in this fun adventure:)

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My Little Bookmarks Collection


The other day I was sorting out my bookmarks collection and I thought I will share it with you. I have a feeling that I will be referring to it a lot in the future whenever my posts will be about travelling. Like I did in my post about Windsor.

This collection started bit by bit out of my love for reading. I think the first bookmark in my collection was this one. It was a Christmas gift from my parents and it was more than 10 years ago (wow! time flies).


I have some handmade bookmarks. I made some myself, some are gifts and some I bought on Etsy or craft markets.

People who know me quite well brought me some bookmarks from their travels. (this category needs serious update)

Some bookmarks I bought while travelling myself. I’m not really happy with bookmarks selection in UK. Most of them are dark leather with pressed in design – impossible to take photos 😦

And some random bookmarks. Some are gifts from my family and friends, some are souvenirs from people who wanted to share something small from their own country, some promotional bookmarks and some random bookmarks which I bought simply because I liked them 🙂

The variety of all of them is quite big: metal, wood, fabric, paper, clay, magnet, leather, etc. I love every single of them and I could tell stories about most them. It might be a place I visited, it might be people I met, it might be an experience, it might be a book I read.

Do you collect anything? I would love to see your collection 🙂

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My July Faves

I can’t believe that July is already gone. I feel like I hardly managed to do anything for myself and spent most of my energy at work. Oh well, I’d better look for the ways to change it in the future and for now let me show some of my faves from July.


Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I can’t say that it’s specifically just July fave. I’ve been using it for some time now and I really like it. I tried many different cleansers and they always made my skin feeling very dry on my cheeks and this cleanser doesn’t give this unpleasant feeling.



Loreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews on blogs and Youtube about cushion foundations. After a long struggle with liquid foundations to make them look nice and smooth on my skin I decided to give a try to cushion foundation. I love it! It’s so easy to use, not messy at all and looks really nice on my skin. I picked shade 4 this time but I think it’s a bit too dark and next time I would buy one shade lighter.


Tupperware Eco Bottle 500ml. My friend gave this to me last year as an exchange for a teddy bear fur (she sews collectible teddy bears and I had some leftover fur after trying it myself). At that time I didn’t think anything special about it and it was collecting dust for quite a long time but I started liking it a lot. After putting a lot of plastic water bottles for recycling I decided to give this a try. It’s so good and I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere this month. What I like about it so much: 1. I don’t have to waste money to buy bottled water anymore. 2. It’s re-usable so I throw away less plastic. 3. Wide bottleneck makes it easy to refill. 4. Bottle cap is made the way that it’s so easy to unscrew (I have a habit to screw water bottles so tight that I have hard to unscrew them later).


The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle. I finished reading this book in July and I really love it. I did a full review earlier this month so if you want to read why it is so great, check it out.


Charmed. These are old TV series. I watched them years ago but for some reason I’ve never seen all the seasons so this summer I’m re-watching it. I really like books and movies which are magic related so it should not surprise anyone why I like Charmed 🙂 There are 8 seasons and I’m on season 7 at the moment.

So these are my July faves. What are your faves from this month?

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BFG Dream Jars Trail


Do you like to take a map and go around a city or any other place looking for certain objects? I love doing that! It’s so much fun to wander around the city and once I found what I was looking for to tick it off my list. Two years ago I did Paddington Bear trail and I found every single of them 🙂 When earlier this year I saw that there’s going to be a new trail I had no doubts that I’m going to do it.

This time it’s BFG Dream Jars trail. So last week I printed my map and list and started looking for lovely jars 🙂 So far I have 8 and there are 38 more in London. I can’t wait to find the rest and  I have time until the end of summer.

If you want to join me in this fun adventure, you can find a map and list of jars here and trail will be available until 31st of August.

I know that the trail is a promotion of the new movie but this post is not sponsored, I simply really enjoy doing such trails 🙂

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The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle

A few months ago my sister recommended me a book The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle. I got a book on my Kindle really quickly after our conversation about it. I was reading it since then and finished just this month.

I really like the story, unexpected elements and lessons it teaches. In my opinion it’s not a light summer read to bring on the beach. Even if it’s a novel and really interesting one but what is between the lines requires some thinking through.

While reading it’s so easy to put myself in the situations which Alan (the main character) went through. What would I do? What do I actually do in similar situations? Why?

It’s amazing how much people are really capable of. Sometimes all we need is just a good push out of our comfort zones and putting us in situations where there are only two choices – sink or swim.

The Man Who Risked It All is going to be a book which I would recommend to anyone and I’ll be re-reading in the future.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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